Friday, November 25, 2011

Movie Night: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

   When I came out of work on Wednesday morning (I work nights) and went to the Redbox in our lobby like I do every Wednesday morning, to get the latest releases, Pirates was out of stock. That's a first. Only employees in our building have access to this machine, so it's always had any movie I've ever tried to get. I then got on my phone and used my Redbox app to search, out of 30+ machines in the area, there wasn't a copy within 25 miles. 

   Even though I couldn't get copy when I wanted too, this boded well as an omen to how good this movie was going to be. Later in the evening, as people would have been returning their copies, I got on the web site and found one close by, and reserved it. 

   Honestly, I didn't really feel it was worth the trouble. Johnny Depp still made the movie, but he seemed somehow an older, and calmer Captain Jack Sparrow (not a good thing). I missed the story line, and the actors, from the other 3 movies. Those that returned were ok, but not brilliant. I wasn't engaged with Black Beard near as much as I had been with Davy Jones in the previous movies, or even Commodore Norrington.

   I found Penélope Cruz as Angelica was an awkward character though most of the movie, but in the end turned out ok I guess. The pacing of the movie, however action packed it was at time, was slow and the timing seemed off. I think changing directors for the 4th movie was a big mistake, it barley kept our interest.

   Overall, it was an ok movie, I'd give it a B-, it would have been better if I hadn't have seen the first 3 movies and already had an idea of how it should have been made. I didn't think the $1.20 I paid was to much, but I'm glad I didn't see this in the theaters.

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