About Me

Me? I'm just Me! Born 1974 in Springfield, Mo. I was adopted at 3 days old by my Mother and Father. I was a bit of a trouble maker from childhood. The principals and assistant principals knew me better than my teachers. I was often bored with school, and something of an outsider, so if I couldn't be in, I could at least be bad.  I don't know if you would have called me exactly the class clown, I didn't so much want to make people laugh per say, I mostly just liked to harass authority figures, and if that made them laugh all the better. 

This didn't really change much till I turned 27 and had Race in 2001. I spent most of High School, and what higher education I had, impaired, and really don't remember most of it, nor do I care to. I enjoyed those years, and wouldn't have otherwise. No regrets, I'll never regret enjoying living and being alive to the fullest. 

I was never very good at what most of the kids were into, getting into trouble and cars seemed to be mostly what I did well. My first car was a 1968 Mustang Coupe with a 302. To call it fast was like calling water wet. I loved that car, in fact I still have dreams on a regular basis that I find it again. I now have a lifelong love for classic muscle cars. I'm no certified car tech, but I do 99% of the work on my cars and motorcycles myself, it's something I enjoy...most of the time. 

But when building, repairing, or other DIY type stuff, I like to take my time and work at MY pace. I really never had much of an interest in doing it for a living, it loses it's fun when it's work. I also like to build with wood, I built the girls a bunk bed, and I'm going to be building the boys one soon. I enjoy working outdoors when I can, and I have a love/hate relationship with mowing. My second love other then cars is power tools, or air tools when I can get em'. I also enjoy electronics, from computers to car audio. I do it all myself, and am pretty good at it. 

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