Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New NWA Motorcycle Forum!

I created a new forum for NWA Motorcycle riders from any group or club. Here's the blurb.

This Association is meant to be more then a Meetup group, and less than a club. The goal is to build a group of like minded people who can enjoy sharing, talking, meeting, riding, and helping each other out. We want to be a bridge between different clubs and groups in our area, not to replace them. We also wish to provide a place for the Lone Wolf, those that have no club or group to call their own. The only entrance fee is a love of riding, membership does not relay on the ownership of a bike. All are welcome here. From those who are just starting out, and thinking of getting their first bike, to those who have lost their rides for one reason or another. All we ask is you have a love and passion for the ride, no matter what your current situation.

NWA Motorcycle Riders Association

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