Friday, November 25, 2011

Movie Night: Conan, The Barbarian (2011)

   This remake of Conan wasn't that bad really, I'd give it a Solid C+, maybe a B-. I was entertained and it engaged me. I had heard some people remark that Conan shouldn't be that small, but I don't think once your watching the movie you notice he's small at all, he's not a hulk like Schwarzenegger r, but he does come off larger then life in the movie. And really, Jason Momoa as Conan isn't a small guy unless your compairing him to someone as large as Schwarzenegger anyway.   

   I'm not really sure if it was the writing, or directing, but the female lead, Rachel Nichols as Tamara, come's off very forced at first, like they are trying to portray her as 10 different things at once. But she settles into the role finally. I wonder if those were some of the first scenes shot, or if they were trying to cram about 90 minutes of character development into 10 minutes.

   The "evil daughter" of the main antagonist was a strangely written, directed, and acted character as well. That may have been intentional, she's one whacked out girl, but I think they were also trying to make her sexy, and evil, and crazy, and powerful all at once. But pulled none of them off with great success. She's just one crazy B%amp;. There is one scene where she's trying to take "Who's your Daddy" in the incest direction it seems, and it's pretty disturbing. 

   Ron Perlman as Corin was good, course I'm a big fan of Ron Perlman, so I may be biased. In his case it may have been a case of brilliant casting more then acting or directing. But Jason Momoa did very well in this movie also. I had a feeling the director has a hard time with women, or did in this movie at least, the men he did very well on, but fell short on the women.

   It seems this director has a thing for remakes, he's directed 6 films, most of them remakes of classic movies:

2003The Texas Chainsaw MassacreYes
2009Friday the 13thYes
2011Conan the BarbarianYes
2012The FlyYes

   Also this movie is pretty bloody and gory, not for the weak stomached. In the very first scene there is a field C-section done on Conan's mother. It has about 5 mins of completely topless girls in it also. And one semi-softcore love scene. Those parts reminded me more of 80's skin flicks, but it wasn't a theme through the whole movie. So it's not exactly kid friendly, but you might find this one is your 13 year old boys favorite movies, and you may have to retrieve it from his room a couple of times....then hide it. LOL

   It was an pretty good movie really, the story wasn't too bad, the directing was what kept if from being a solid B or B+ movie. I don't think the writing was really good enough to get it to an A. Also I kinda feel some of the scenes were so the director or producers could stare at some naked girls on set for a day or two. I'm sure the crew didn't mind, but they don't get to choose, so we know who the horny teenagers on this film were....LOL.

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