Sunday, January 16, 2011

Torchwood vs. Doctor Who... Or maybe not quite verses...but...

Ok, so I'm a new Doctor Who junkie. I thought Doctor Who was a Bond villain until less then a year ago. Now I've seen every single episode of the "revived" series (2005-present) and I am starting on the 1963-1989 original series too. What do you call Doctor Who's fans anyway?? Star Trek Fans are Trekkies... so are they Whoies?

Anyway, so I just finally have seen every single episode of the "new" series, up to and including season 5, season 6 is just getting ready to start. But since I've spent at least 3-4 nights a week for the last 8 months watching Doctor Who, I have this hole in my late night TV schedule to fill...

So why not fill it with Torchwood I thought.... It is a Doctor Who spin off, and I liked Jack in Doctor Who, so what the heck! Turns out it wasn't a bad idea, Torchwood it pretty good, but this ISN'T your Doctor Who Capitan Jack Harkness. Well, it IS, same actor, same creator and all that. But this Jack seems much Darker.... Rose making him immortal and living for so many years now has changed him it seems, at least within the story.

But Torchwood is just a whole lot darker, sexier, and dirtier then the current Doctor Who's. Here in the US where Doctor Who is mostly considered G, with some slight PG-13 thrown in, Torchwood is SOLID PG-13, and bits, if not cut out, would get it a possible R. And it's not just that Jack's bi-sexual nature is explored here, where it was just hinted at in Doctor Who, but Gwen and Owen, well, mainly Owen, really spice up the tension... Where Doctor Who hints, Torchwood almost goes so far as to SHOW!! LOL

Well, this is not a complete write up by any means, I've only seen about 5 episodes of Season 3 of Torchwood, but once I've seen them all I'll come back and write more. Just putting some of my initial thoughts down, and if anyone happens to come across this and is a Doctor Who fan that is looking for something else British to watch, now you know a bit about Torchwood!!!


  1. The term is Whovians :-) We are in the same boat at our house....found the Doctor, watched the entire new series through #5....suffering severe Doctor withdrawl as we wait for April, so turned to Torchwood. It's good. The Sarah Jane Adventures are also good. Meet hundreds of Whovians by finding >Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle< on Facebook. Great interaction with fans from all over the globe; fan videos, polls, good discussions. Join us! :-)

  2. We are HUGE Whovians and Torchwood followers! Welcome to the fold!

  3. Thank you both, I for some reason never got a notification about these comments so was just now able to reply. Whovian.... so now i know!!