Monday, November 22, 2010

TopGear on History Channel, about time!

I caught the first TopGear show last night and it was pretty good. I think it might take awhile for the guys to hit their stride, but it's nice to see they are trying to get this show started on our side of the pond. It's been on the BBC since 1977!

The first episode pits a Dodge Viper up against a Cobra Attack Helicopter. The object? Take a 10 mile drive and try not to get blown up by the Cobra! 3 missile locks and you were out (used the army war game system). The Viper lost on the 3rd lock at 160 MPH on the runway at the finish. Pretty amazing stuff really.

The second part was just putting a top of the line Viper through their test track they will use for the rest of the show. They have a "masked driver" just called The Sting that drives all the cars on the test track. You never see his face and never hear his voice. I've read that is because they don't always use the same guy, but the concept is it's always the same guy to keep the test consistent. So if he's hidden, who's to know?? LOL

Buzz Aldrin came on the show, they talked a bit about his cars. And he test drove the POS they have for the stars to drive around the track. That was kinda cool.

Then they pitted 3 Lamborghini's against each other. The idea was to see how fast each could go through the standing mile. Came in at 173, 175, 180. Those were pretty cool.

Oh, and Tanner on the show??? He's a professional stunt driver. He is also a World Renowned Drift Racer (he did the Drifting stunts in Tokyo Drift for example). Why is that cool? Well, because the stuff he does is F'n AWESOME!!!! And this isn't a movie, he's doing this in real time, with real cars, and no camera tricks or CGI. Pretty wild to watch.

It's not gonna win any Emmy's, but it was fun!

TopGear website
Cobra Attack Helicopter
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