Monday, January 17, 2011

Is Green the new Greed?

All in all no one can deny our American society, or at least the last 100-150 years or so, has been one motivated mainly by greed. Ever since the Railroads/Bankers (Robber Baron's) and Big Oil came into being, the government has been mostly supported by and governed for corporate America. If you want to try and deny that please read our own history and see the power these companies had/have/do wield/wielded at a Local, State, and even Federal level up to this day.

But you see, this isn't necessarily a BAD thing, you just have to get your mind around how to use this to our advantage as a disenfranchised American citizen. We all, as a society, have the most powerful weapon ever made to date, and we can use it to get our wishes granted. No it's not a gun, it's not the's the almighty dollar. Where it goes the corporations follow, and then the money hungry congress and other elected officials are never far behind. We have the power to lead them all around by the nose, we can make them beg and do tricks. I bet we could even make them roll over, that's what the power the dollar has over those types.

So why  is that such a good thing? Because if we want a better world we can accomplish it much better by pointing our dollars in the right direction, much more so then even by our votes. Because the lobbiest control our government much more profoundly then our votes do. Why did we not have electric cars and 100 MPG fifty years ago? Because that wasn't where the money was going. Do you think Big Oil wanted those things to be available?? Heck no. And don't even try and say they just didn't have the technology! You will never be able to convince me the atomic bomb, and nuclear power, and going to the moon was simpler then an electric car or really good MPG. It's just not where the money was funneled. Big Oil wanted low MPG, and fossil fulled cars. And they had the money and lined the right pockets (we elected many of them, or their sons, or other oil people to run our country, so DUH!).

But thing are changing, I think the internet has much to do with that. Ideas can't be contained or limited nearly like they used to be. We can't be lead around by the nose or herded like sheep nearly as easily as we could Fifty years ago. Some still act like a mindless flock, but many people are waking up and thinking for themselves, and we are lucking out that money is not the underlaying factor of existence for many of the new generation, unlike is has been for the last several. But even so, Corporations will be corporations. And government will continue to be business, and the dollar will continue to point our way into the future, so lets point the right way!

So when I say Green is the new Greed, what I mean is the reasons we are seeing the Prius, the Volt, and solar and wind power, is because people are starting to buy into them, and so the people who can are following the dollars and making the stuff. In short, those that CAN now ARE because there is money there now. Money is the carrot, and it works oh so much better then the whip. Legislation is the whip, and it only works if all else fails. But as long as we apply the dollars correctly then we control our own destiny and our own fate.

BUY GREEN PEOPLE, I know that word has lost some of it's meaning, and it's hard to tell what's really "green" and what's just marketing mumbo jumbo, but I'm not talking about the stuff at Wal-mart. I don't mean green TV's or Green clothes or Green cleaning supplies. I mean green cars, green power. Once we get away from fossil fuels for power, every electric device will be green anyway. But do try and buy stuff made with green power! That encourages more and more companies to use it, and the more it's used the more dollars....and we known where that leads!

But we have to be SMART people. Let's take Sun Chips (Frito-lay, owned by Pepsi) for example. They use solar power to make their chips! WOOT!!! And recently they came out with a bio-degradable plant based bag!!! WOOT WOOT!!! But then people started complaining.....why???? BECAUSE THE BAGS RUSTLED TOO LOUD!!! WTH people???????????????????? So they have stopped making the bag for all their lines but one...... because the bag rustled a bit louder then the normal bag........ EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! But they had to do what they had to do to keep in business, so they went back to non-biodegradable bags just like everyone else. They had to follow the dollar, and in this case the dollar was very dumb and stupid.... makes me wanna slap some people. HARD!!!! This was one of the best things done by a major company in years for changing the way our throw-away society impacts...well.... just about everything. And we stomped it down....because the bag was a tad bit loud???? We have to STOP that type of stupid behavior.... So what if it was loud..... it was GREAT FOR THE PLANET you numskulls!!!!!!! That trumps a bit of noise by a huge margin. ARRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!! Get's my goat!!!!!

And if this project had gone well, and money had been given for it, not taken away, Frito-lay, owned by Pepsico would have listened. And as we know that's a lot of power for good right there. They no longer own Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut, and A&W. (spun off to what became YUM!, that owns them all now) but they still have lots of power and influence through lifetime exclusive rights agreements with all those YUM! companies except A&W. So what did the public tell Pepsi??? That we would much rather have quite bags than save the planet. And we told this to one of the largest and most powerful end user goods makers in the world.

So anyway, all I'm saying is let the greed do it's thing, and use it to change the word. Just try and point you dollars at the right things, and put up with loud bags if needed.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Torchwood vs. Doctor Who... Or maybe not quite verses...but...

Ok, so I'm a new Doctor Who junkie. I thought Doctor Who was a Bond villain until less then a year ago. Now I've seen every single episode of the "revived" series (2005-present) and I am starting on the 1963-1989 original series too. What do you call Doctor Who's fans anyway?? Star Trek Fans are Trekkies... so are they Whoies?

Anyway, so I just finally have seen every single episode of the "new" series, up to and including season 5, season 6 is just getting ready to start. But since I've spent at least 3-4 nights a week for the last 8 months watching Doctor Who, I have this hole in my late night TV schedule to fill...

So why not fill it with Torchwood I thought.... It is a Doctor Who spin off, and I liked Jack in Doctor Who, so what the heck! Turns out it wasn't a bad idea, Torchwood it pretty good, but this ISN'T your Doctor Who Capitan Jack Harkness. Well, it IS, same actor, same creator and all that. But this Jack seems much Darker.... Rose making him immortal and living for so many years now has changed him it seems, at least within the story.

But Torchwood is just a whole lot darker, sexier, and dirtier then the current Doctor Who's. Here in the US where Doctor Who is mostly considered G, with some slight PG-13 thrown in, Torchwood is SOLID PG-13, and bits, if not cut out, would get it a possible R. And it's not just that Jack's bi-sexual nature is explored here, where it was just hinted at in Doctor Who, but Gwen and Owen, well, mainly Owen, really spice up the tension... Where Doctor Who hints, Torchwood almost goes so far as to SHOW!! LOL

Well, this is not a complete write up by any means, I've only seen about 5 episodes of Season 3 of Torchwood, but once I've seen them all I'll come back and write more. Just putting some of my initial thoughts down, and if anyone happens to come across this and is a Doctor Who fan that is looking for something else British to watch, now you know a bit about Torchwood!!!