Friday, October 29, 2010

People suck!

So what kind of company hires someone with the understanding that they will get "on the job" training and then lets them go 2.5 days later because they "are not picking it up"? And without a warning or even a mention that the work was anything but fine???? Something just ain't right here.

Me thinks the office manager was TOLD to hire her, but that the office manager wanted someone else. So first chance she got she let her go. Nothing else really makes any sense. I've had many jobs in my life, and even been the manager enough times to know that's not how you do things. We had bought the wife new clothes for this job, she had quit her old job, we had rearranged our lives for this job and then they give her 2.5 days???? What kinda crap is that really????

And they had told here that there was no drama there, but boy where they wrong. That there is major drama, and for no reason. Never heard of a office more poorly ran in my life.

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